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    The Last Churro D:


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    The Last Churro D:

    Post by Supersoradud on Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:11 am

    Is this where I post this? >.<
    I wrote a poem today.
    It's a random, free verse poem.
    Meaning it probably doesn't make much sense. Oh well, here goes nothing:

    The Last Churro
    Written by Shadow Sora

    'Tis Saturday eve,
    And my stomach growls.
    "I'm hungry!" it says,
    As it drags me to the pantry.

    I reach out with my hands
    And grasp the walls firmly
    But alas! It's too strong -
    My stomach must have a churro! D:

    Soon my fingers tear right through
    The walls; My parents, in frustration
    Call the houseworkers to repair all
    The damage my stomach has done;

    In the time of mean,
    I still hold fast to the counter
    Wherewith doth come an
    Unruly assortment of knives.

    My stomach still drags yonder
    While I scream in distress -
    And the luck is then bestowed
    The knives all fly by.

    But at what cost?
    Look yonder! Knives
    In the wall anon!
    My parents are quite mad now.

    I grab the island in our kitchen
    Hoping for one last chance at hope
    But 'tis ne'er meant to be!
    My stomach continues its protest;

    As my fingers give way
    But nay, not my fingers -
    'Tis the island instead!
    It is there flung at yonder window -

    My parents, with dismay
    Cry, "Alas! Thou must give
    Up the effort! It 'tis no use!
    Your stomach must have yonder churro!"

    With a tear in my eye, I
    Finally let go my hard grasp
    As I am flung towards the pantry
    And hit the door with a thud.

    I open the door, before
    Any more damage is done.
    And as dread and fate perchance would have
    The last churro was gone! D:

    Sorry, that was random.

    Cucumber! Very Happy

    Oh yeah, and I actually hate churros. tongue

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    Re: The Last Churro D:

    Post by PC on Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:12 am

    You're really good at creative stuff. You should look at Blue Lake, a creative artist summer camp.

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